Are Nuru Massages Legal?

Nov 17, 2022

Nuru massage in the U.S. is not illegal between friends. This is why many Nuru Massage provider prefer to know their clients first.

 Also, It depends on where you live, as with any question about "Is something legal?" The location of the person asking the question is more important than my opinion. It may not be applicable to everyone else reading this. Most therapist need a license in most states (including California) to touch another person or receive payment. Body Rub licenses are required for most massage professionals. Other health care providers such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and others also require a license. massage therapists, as well as other trades such as estheticians, are allowed to receive compensation for work that involves physical contact. Massage therapy practitioners are subject to the code of conduct of the jurisdiction in which they practice. It varies from one state to the next when I refer to jurisdiction.

  There are rules in specific towns, or cities in the U.S about how the recipient of a massage should be dressed and draped. Many places allow full nudity,  It is also important to note that only one person can be paid for a Nuru Massage. If a person is a dentist or doctor and can be paid on a basis for work that involves physical contact they have their own codes. So no, you cannot tip your dentist and ask them not to take off their clothes, put on an inflatable mattress and pour slime all over you. But You Can Try! 

  Nuru massage in the U.S. is not illegal between friends.  You Can Find A Nuru Massage Provider on RubRanking. This simply means that both the person who pays for it and the other person are violating the law. It is possible to do it in your own life.

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