What is a Table Shower Asian Massage

Nov 17, 2022

Table Showers, also known as ’Body Rub/Wash Massage’, are a relaxing and exciting experience. They offer more than just a relaxing experience.

Many people have heard of table-showers, but many don’t know what they are or what to expect.

We hope you feel at ease getting one at your local spa. It’s worth the effort, we think. You may be surprised at how long it took to get there.

Where are table showers held?

Many Body Rubs spas have private or individual shower rooms in which you can take your table shower. Although the setups of different businesses may vary, most will have a massage desk in the middle of the room. This table is usually covered with plastic. For hygiene reasons, towels are put on the table prior to each session.

A few table shower rooms have multiple shower heads that are placed directly above the table. These shower heads give the recipient either a water-based massage or a cascading rain effect. Some will have hand-held shower heads that your masseuse can use during your session.

What should I wear to this type of treatment?

While table showers are generally not required, state laws often require that you remain covered throughout your session. The massage therapy regulations are the same except that your private areas will be covered with a towel, instead of a sheet.

What is the table-shower treatment like?

This service is great for keeping your skin clean and healthy. You are scrubbed from head-to-toe, except where it’s obvious. Use an exfoliating sponge/cloth, or a body wash/scrub. Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells from the body in order to reveal the ’younger, fresher’ skin below. This can prevent ingrown hairs and acne and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Your masseuse will then shower you with warm water, after which you can lay down on the table. The body scrub follows with gentle massage-like strokes. This will not only clean your skin, but also increase blood circulation and induce relaxation. The final rinse is done once you are satisfied. If you ask, most spas with table showers will shampoo your hair. Why not?

Most table showers last between 30 and an hour on average.

Who can offer table showers?

This service can be found at your local massage parlor, spa, or health club. Chicago is home to many Asian massage centers. You can check the website of the business or call them to get more information.

This therapeutic and relaxing experience can be enjoyed next time you visit your local massage spa.

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